The Wolf in the Wind. (Mystery feature)

Small town mystery/ family drama feature.

Ten-year-old Tully was abandoned as an infant and adopted by librarian Bron. When Tully inherits a farm on a tiny island in the Bass Strait from a grandmother she never knew she had, she realises she needs to know why she was abandoned.

Bron takes her to the island to find her birth family. But when they arrive, they find Tully’s grandmother’s death is more suspicious than they thought, Tully’s mother seems not only to have disappeared but to have never existed, and the locals are dead keen to keep everything hush hush.

Some small town secrets are better left buried.

‘The Wolf in the Wind’ was developed through the RMIT Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting and won the 2015 Film Victoria Award for an RMIT screenplay. It has been developed with assistance from Chris Anastassiades, the screenwriter of 2001 Australian feature ‘Yolngu Boy’. 



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