Hovering. (TV drama)

6x1hr small town drama.

One night, in the tiny coastal town of Durham, officer Kyle gets three strange phone calls describing a shining, orb-like object hovering above the water.

Five people see the hovering thing. They believe something unbelievable in a town where people turn on someone who stands out. Jobs are lost, marriages broken, a current affairs show comes to town and Durham becomes a national joke. One girl believes she saw God, and the church turns on her.

Kyle, who has decided to forever keep his own sexuality secret, understands the weight of standing out and takes it upon himself to keep his little town from falling to pieces- by integrating these five mad people back into normal society.

But what if they’re telling the truth? How much does truth even matter?

‘Hovering’ was developed as part of the 2018 Plot Twist TV Development Lab, funded by Film Victoria. It’s currently being developed as a podcast, and the pilot for the TV series is also available.



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