I love writing about family, whether that’s a family of housemates in Melbourne, a mother and her adopted daughter, or a small town community rocked by an alien sighting. My writing often combines drama and comedy, and everything always comes back to family relationships.

I grew up in Hobart, Tasmania and moved to Melbourne to study acting at the VCA in 2009. I worked as a playwright with Debra Oswald and Tommy Murphy, and studied screenwriting at RMIT until 2015, working with Chris Anastassiades and Michael Rowe on feature film concepts. I’ve worked as a notetaker and script coordinator for Hoodlum, Princess Pictures, Guesswork Television, Roadshow Rough Diamond and Werner Film Productions, among others. In 2019, I worked as script coordinator for Channel Ten’s Five Bedrooms and notetaker for a Pete Templeman project with Roadshow, working alongside John Safran. In 2021, I worked as script coordinator for Werner Film Productions/Netflix series ‘Surviving Summer’. I’m currently in pre-production on a seven part audio drama about a UFO sighting in a small coastal town, called ‘Hovering,’ produced by Clea Frost and starring Maude Davey and Lily Fish.

Alex Directing

2021 ‘Surviving Summer’ Season One Script coordinator for Werner Film Productions & Netflix. Script coordinator through pre-production and across all episodes of Season One of Surviving Summer, working closely with script producer Josh Mapleston and producer Joanna Werner as well as directors Sian Davies and Ben Chessel.

2020/2021  ‘Hovering’ Audio Drama 

Recording and releasing ‘Hovering’ as an audio drama in October 2021, in association with producer Clea Frost, starring cabaret artists Lily Fish and Maude Davey.

2020 Palm Springs International Film Festival 

First Quarter Honourable Mention for Best Concept, Reckless Abandon.

2019 ‘En Masse’ Note-Taker for Roadshow Rough Diamond. Note-taker for supernatural thriller series ‘En Masse’, created by Peter Templeman. Worked closely with Peter Templeman and John Safran.

2019 ‘Rosehaven’ Season Four Script coordinator for Guesswork Television. Worked as a script coordinator for the production of season four of Rosehaven.

2019 ‘Five Bedrooms’ Script coordinator for Hoodlum & Channel Ten. Script coordinator through pre-produuction and across all episodes of season one of  ‘Five Bedrooms.’ Worked closely with Michael Lucas, Christine Bartlett, Anthony Mullins, Peter Templeman and Mithila Gupta.

2018     ‘Five Bedrooms’ Note-taker for Hoodlum & Channel Ten             Worked as a note-taker for script development and then plotting sessions with Michael Lucas, Christine Bartlett and Anthony Mullins, for a TV Comedy/Drama in development with Channel Ten.

2018    ‘Plot Twist’ Film Victoria TV Development Lab            Developed and pitched a six part TV drama concept through Film Victoria-funded lab ‘Plot Twist’, run by Clea Frost and Chris Corbett.

2017    Feature Development for ‘The Sticks’                 Developed and workshopped a feature through a Tasmanian Genre Writer’s Retreat in Ross, and with professional actors in Melbourne.

2017    Script Editor for Princess Pictures Web Series    Formatted and incorporated notes for late drafts of web series ‘The Wrong Kind of Black’, developed with Princess Pictures.

2016-2017       ‘Ex Ex’ Web Sitcom              Wrote, directed and co-produced a web sitcom in association with Melbourne Polytechnic.

2016    Note-taker for Hoodlum Entertainment               Worked for Leigh McGrath, Michael Lucas and Christine Bartlett as a note-taker on the development of drama series ‘Love When You Least Expect It’

2016    Live Reading- ‘Reckless Abandon’             Staged a reading of feature film ‘Reckless Abandon’- developed and edited by screenwriter/director Michael Rowe.

2015   ‘Think Inside the Box’ AWG TV Pilot Competition               Longlisted for the AWG’s ‘Think Inside The Box’ TV concept competition, for the Tasmanian Gothic mini-series ‘The Sticks’.

2015    Received the Film Victoria Award for Highest Grading Student at RMIT Advanced Screenwriting                        Awarded for feature film ‘The Wolf in the Wind’, developed with Chris Anastassiades and workshopped with Denny Lawrence.

2015    Matchbox Pictures Internship                    Worked under Christa Foreman at Matchbox Pictures general office; also worked with Paddy MacCrae and Stephen Corvini in Scripted Development.

2015    Billie B Brown Development                      Worked as a note-taker with Princess Pictures on the development of a bible for Children’s animation ‘Billie B Brown’, with Kristy Fisher, Nova Weetman, Alix Beane and others.

2015-2017       Hub Studio Web Series                   Developed an episode for web series titled ‘The Bench’ with Sydney actor’s centre Hub Studios, directed by Nicholas Hope.

2015    ‘The Girl Who Was An Almond’                Wrote and co-produced a short film for Tropfest 2015 with director Rory Kelly.

2014-15           RMIT Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting                       Studied professional screenwriting at RMIT. The course involved the development of several film and television concepts, and the writing of three drafts of a feature.

2013-14           Ozco Development Grant                I was awarded a development grant from the Australia Council to develop a site-specific work titled The Well Cycle. The work took place inside a normal suburban home, and involved two different storylines examining domestic violence and the role of the witness.

2009-11           Victorian College of the Arts                      I studied the three year Bachelor of Acting at VCA. In 2010, in my second year, as my ‘autonomous project’ I wrote a ten minute play which I then developed and presented with two other performers from my year. The script was called Jeremy.

2009    National Play Festival                     Sections of The Cygnet were read at the National Play Festival in Hobart as part of the ‘night-time readings’ program put on by the Australian Script Centre.

2008    Fresh Ink Writer’s Program           In 2008, I was a part of the inaugural Fresh Ink writer’s program and travelled to Adelaide with playwrights Tommy Murphy and Debra Oswald to workshop The Cygnet. At the end of the program, my script was chosen to be further workshopped in Sydney and presented as part of ATYP’s end of year showcase.

2006-07                       Is Theatre Winter Residency          Developed my family drama play script The Cygnet through the Tasmanian Theatre Company- included a staged reading of the work.

I’ve also been involved as an actor in film and theatre for a number of years, including:



2017 (February)          The Effect       Tristan

                                             Loud Mouth Theatre Company (Maeve McGregor)

2016 (Feb-Aug)          The 52 Story Treehouse         Andy

                                                            CDP National Tour (Liesel Baddorek)

2014 (August)                         A Lie of the Mind       Frankie

                                                 The Grange Pop-up Theatre (Caleb Rixon)

2014 (April)                The Legend of King O’Malley           Angel

                                            Don’t Look Away/La Mama (Phillip Rouse)

Short Film

2012                Gorilla                         Joel                  VCA Masters (Tim Marshall)

Winner- Best Short Film, VCA, 2012

Winner- 2013 International Iris Prize, Cardiff

2011               Battlefield                  Young Man        VCA Masters (Tim Marshall)