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Ex Ex.

10x30m sharehouse comedy.

Max and Ramona are just not into each other any more okay? They’ve moved on. They’re starting over. They’re saying goodbye.

But neither wants to be the first to leave their dilapidated Richmond flat. And leaving their housemate Derek to fend for himself is practically manslaughter.

So they’re moving on without moving out. And who says they can’t make it work? It’s a new world. Ramona’s fine with Max bringing Tindr dates home. Max is fine with Ramona’s new boyfriend. Everything’s fine. Really.

‘Ex Ex’ is a situation comedy about two people lying to each other.

‘Ex Ex’ was originally developed through Melbourne Polytechnic, and produced and released as a web series in 2017. The web series can be watched here- http://www.exextv.com -and the pilot and series bible are available on request.